Near Infrared Light Saunas are Safe for Eyes and Don’t Cause Cataracts

Some folks selling far infrared saunas try to scare you away from near infrared (NIR) tungsten lamp saunas by telling them to google “glassblower cataracts”. The truth is that exposing tissue to NIR light has been shown to promote tissue repair and that NIR lamp saunas are quite safe for the eyes.

How to Use Your SaunaSpace® Near Infrared Sauna

Near Infrared Lamp Saunas are used somewhat differently than far-infrared and wet saunas. General Guidelines Wait 1-2 hours after eating before use. Stay hydrated, 8-16 oz. of room temperature spring or carbon-filtered water is ideal before & after. If you feel sick, faint, or have any kind of significant distress during sauna therapy turn the sauna off and […]

Why Near Infrared Lamp Saunas are Better than Far Infrared Saunas

EMF\nEMF stands for Electromagnetic Field, one of the four fundamental forces of our universe. All electrically powered devices emit some electromagnetic radiation. Our homes contain wires carrying 120V (US) current to supply our electrical appliances and even these wires emit some EMF radiation. Near infrared lamp saunas only have wiring on the lamp panel and the lamps themselves emit virtually NO dangerous EMF. In contrast far infrared emitters, emitting frequencies similar to cell phones in the 4-15 micron range maybe quite harmful. The safe limit for sauna EMF dose has been 3 milliGauss (mG). Some agencies are recommending a safe limit of 1mG. Many far infrared emitters far exceed this level.