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Download the SaunaSpace® Sauna Operation Manual

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Download the Photon™ Operation Manual

[/accordion-item] [/accordion] [title style=”bold-center” text=”GENERAL PRODUCT QUESTIONS” margin_top=”25px” size=”124″] [accordion] [accordion-item title=”WHAT ARE THE DIMENSIONS OF THE LUMINATI™ AND FARADAY™ SAUNA PRODUCTS?”]

Our Sauna Frames have a trapezoidal footprint:

Entrance Width: 52 in
Rear Width (where Light Panel is mounted): 24 in
Depth: 52 in
Height: 63 in

The narrower rear with allows the our sauna to tuck neatly into a corner of the room. SaunaSpace® Products are for use indoors, so they can be installed in just about any room, basement (including on a concrete slab, garage or other indoor location protected from the elements).



Near infrared lamp sauna therapy provides a radiant heat effect, meaning the NIR light penetrates the body up to 9 inches and heats you up from the inside out. Conventional saunas that rely on the less effective and more claustrophobic-inducing conductive heating effect of the hot, humid ambient air slowly heating you up from the outside in.

Our Sauna Enclosures meet doctor specifications. The Frame supports the Dual-Layer Cover, which:

  1. keeps the ambient air temperature inside the sauna above 100°F, the minimum ambient air temperature necessary to keep the sauna ambient air from acting as a cooling force on your body as the NIR light penetrates and heats your tissues.
  2. allows you to reduce the ambient air temperature by keeping the door open during your sauna session or by removing one layer of the Dual-Layer Cover.
  3. allows for our Sauna to be pre-heated in 10-15 minutes.
  4. provides plenty of room to rotate about inside, even for the big and tall sauna users.
  5. makes for a lightweight, portable sauna enclosure that is assembled in minutes without tools.
  6. guarantees peace of mind that your sauna enclosure is hypoallergenic, natural and provides a pleasant sauna experience.
[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”CAN I PLUG MY LUMINATI™, FARADAY™ OR TUNGSTEN™ INTO A STANDARD OUTLET?”]

Yes!  Our Products may be connected to a grounded outlet on any standard 10 – 20 A-rated circuit. The Tungsten™ Panel only draws 8A, so no need for 20 A circuits (commonly found in bath/kitchen) and no need for any special wiring.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”CAN I INSTALL MY SAUNASPACE® PRODUCT OUTDOORS?”]

NO. Our products are for indoor use only, so they can be installed in just about any room, basement (including on a concrete slab, garage, covered patio, or other indoor location). Our natural materials are select-grade and chosen for durability, and our raw wood and raw cotton parts will last for a very long time if well-cared for and used indoors only. We don’t use any chemical treatments that are intended to “weatherproof” materials, so it cannot be installed outdoors in a location exposed to the elements.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”HOW DIFFICULT IS THE SET-UP PROCESS?”]

Customers usually take a half hour the first time, to get used to the design.

1. Setup Time: 10 minutes with experience, 1/2 hour for the 1st time to review setup and manual and get accustomed 2. Setup Ease: 1 person, tool-free, it’s really easy. Like setting up a kid’s toy. Each component is lightweight 8-16 lbs and manageable for assembly. 3. Once it’s set up, you can pull off the cover only on the front left corners, remove the front door crosspiece poles from the left front top Frame Connector, and the trapezoidal footprint of the frame can be squished from 4’x4’x2′ to 1.5′ x 5′-6’ and the sauna will lay against a wall, still standing up. So you can do a partial disassembly in this fashion to get it to not take up as much square

2. Setup Ease: 1 person, tool-free, it’s really easy. Like setting up a kid’s toy. Each component is lightweight 8-16 lbs and manageable for assembly. 3. Once it’s set up, you can pull off the cover only on the front left corners, remove the front door crosspiece poles from the left front top Frame Connector, and the trapezoidal footprint of the frame can be squished from 4’x4’x2′ to 1.5′ x 5′-6’ and the sauna will lay against a wall, still standing up. So you can do a partial disassembly in this fashion to get it to not take up as much square

3. Once it’s set up, you can pull off the cover only on the front left corners, remove the front door crosspiece poles from the left front top Frame Connector, and the trapezoidal footprint of the frame can be squished from 4’x4’x2′ to 1.5′ x 5′-6’ and the sauna will lay against a wall, still standing up. So you can do a partial disassembly in this fashion to get it to not take up as much square floor space. You can also remove the cover layers and disassemble further, but leave the Frame Connectors on the Frame Poles, and the Light Panel attached to the rear Frame Poles at the correct height, and store the whole sauna in the closet, still mostly assembled. It is certainly more convenient to have the sauna set up for hassle-free immediate use. Usually, the discipline of the sauna therapy suffers when the user has to setup before each use, even if it’s 5 minutes.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”CAN I USE THE TUNGSTEN™ IS MY PRE-EXISTING SAUNA?”]

Yes, some folks purchase the Tungsten™ only and install in an enclosure of their own, be it an existing far infrared sauna box or a closet or other small-volume space. The enclosure must satisfy Dr. L. Wilson’s requirement that it hold 110-120deg F ambient air temp inside.

The Tungsten™ has a robust carrying handle that may be used to hang the panel on a hook on the wall like a portrait. It also stands on its own on any horizontal surface for quick plug-and-play use. Your materials used are up to you, though there are toxic offgassing considerations.

A primary design prerogative for SaunaSpace is to use natural, untreated, chemical-free materials so that when the materials are heated during use, the off gassing is of natural products like naturally-occurring wood oils and plant-acids. So we’ve taken great care to source a very special, hypoallergenic cotton canvas. We use a cotton canvas that is custom made for us by what’s considered the best cotton weaving mill in the world based here in the USA. Our canvas is preshrunk using only water and mechanical compression, so the fabric is both the finest quality cotton canvas available, yet is uniquely 100% chemical-free and preshrunk so it is machine washable. Similarly, all our wood components are solid, ply-wood free, and not finished with any treatments, just sanded to a fine polish. And our hardware is all stainless steel, so coatings or painted finishes and no plastic hardware.

[/accordion-item] [/accordion] [title style=”bold-center” text=”ELECTRICAL INFO” margin_top=”25px” size=”124″] [accordion] [accordion-item title=”HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO OPERATE AN INCANDESCENT NEAR INFRARED SAUNA?”]

It’s incredibly affordable.  The average kilowatt-hour (kW-hr) cost in USA is about $0.16.  That means that operating a device that uses 1 kW of electricity for 1 hours costs $0.16.

Our most powerful Light Panel is the 4 Lamp Light Panel, which uses 1000 W, or 1 kW.  So even our 4 Lamp Light Panel is totally energy-efficient, only costing an average $0.16 per hour of use.

Compare this to many far infrared saunas that require 1500-2000 W, or conventional wet saunas that use 2500 W or more; that’s so much power that they require special wiring to operate.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”CAN I OPERATE MY SAUNASPACE® PRODUCT ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD?”]

Yes! Choose the Plug for your SaunaSpace® Panel power cord: USA (B, 120 V), Euro (F, 240 V), Swiss (J, 240 V), Aussie/NZ (I, 240 V). 

Be sure to use the correctly rated heat lamp bulbs (120 V or 240 V). No need for a voltage converter. 

Refer the Product Page or the Product Operation Manual for exact electrical specifications.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN VOLTAGE AND WATTAGE?”]

You can use our SaunaSpace® Panels anywhere in the world, just make sure you have the correct heat lamp bulb type.

Voltage is defined as the electrical potential difference and is measured in units of volts (V).  There are two main voltage environments in the world, 110/120 V (referred to herein as 120 V) and 220/230/240 V (referred to herein as 240 V).  Each country usually has one standardized voltage supply, though some have multiple voltages available. USA, Canada, Taiwan, and a few other countries  have 120 V supply, whereas most other countries in the world have 240 V supply, including Europe, UK, Asia, Middle East, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and others.

Wattage is defined as the rate of transfer of electrical energy and is measured in units of watts (W).  We only supply our Panel Products with approved 250W incandescent near infrared (NIR-A) bulbs.

Bulbs available in two versions: 120V-rated or 240V-rated.  Any attempt to use a bulb with the incorrect voltage supply will result in immediate failure of the bulb.  We clearly list our bulbs products as either 120V-rated for use in USA or 240V-rated for use internationally. Our Sauna and Panel Products include either 120V-rated or 240V-rated bulbs, depending on Plug Type chosen.

[/accordion-item] [/accordion] [title style=”bold-center” text=”MISC” margin_top=”25px” size=”124″] [accordion] [accordion-item title=”WILL THE LUMINATI™ OR FARADAY™ SAUNA MAKE ME SWEAT?”]

Yes! Following the rotation protocol in one of our Sauna Products is a very effective means of hyperthermic therapy and it will make you sweat.

Depending on your toxicity and individual situation, you may not sweat much or at all during the initial sauna sessions, but as the body acclimates to sauna therapy, vigorous sweating will eventually occur.

The goal is to provoke a vigorous parasympathetic sweat response, which is called the 2nd stage of sweating.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”DO I NEED TO BUY A STOOL?”]

The Tungsten™ height-adjusts along the full height of rear Frame poles of the Luminati™ or the Faraday™, so you can use most any stool or chair or even sit on the floor. Ideal seat height is 18-22 for most sauna users.

Almost all our customers love the stool. Our basswood sauna stool is awesome. It has a comfy contoured top and is sanded butter-smooth. The raw solid wood construction features 3-piece design that mortises together, so assembly is tool-free and takes moments.


The Photon™ is intended for localized, targeted, light therapy. You’ll still receive the same benefits of Near Infrared Light but you won’t be getting the detoxification effects like you would in the Luminati™ or the Shower Converter Bundle Kit.

Typical near infrared lamp therapy use is divided into 2 categories: Full-Body and Targeted.

Full Body Therapy is the cornerstone of your health, do it every day. Targeted Therapy is an adjunct therapy to the Full Body and should be performed in between sauna sessions and target your particular local affliction that manifests.

Targeted Therapy is also a convenient way to bring natural thermal light therapy with you while traveling and on the go. Use examples include at the office desk to reverse the damaging effects of monitor screen blue light exposure, for a sinus infection, joint pain, healing from a newly sprained ankle, etc.

For single lamp therapy, we use 1 250W lamp held 12-24” from the body part 10-60min per session, up to 10 sessions a day, with the caveat that uses on the head/throat should be limited to 10 minutes per session.

Also, when choosing the Sauna Shower Converter Bundle Kit over the Luminati™, we want to make sure you’re aware of a few things before purchase.

The Shower Converter is really intended for customers in a tiny urban apartment who just don’t have the room for the Sauna.

Shower Converter does not provide the ultimate NIR sauna user experience that the  ensures, in terms of convenience, hypoallergenic qualities and effectiveness of therapy.

CONVENIENCE The Shower Converter elements (Tungsten™ Panel, Pedestal, Stool, Shower Curtain) must be removed from bathroom prior to showering off after the sauna session. It does only take about 2-3 minutes, but this is a hassle that you don’t have with the Luminati™.

The user must step across the tub wall before and after every session, which is not ideal for anyone with a physical infirmity that would make entry/exit arduous.

THERAPEUTIC EFFECTIVENESS Most shower/tubs don’t have enough depth to do a complete 360° rotation about the stool, which allows for the most effective, ideal ¼-turn every 5 minutes NIr sauna use protocol. Usually, the shower converter user can only rotate front-to-back-to-front (1/2-turn rotation).

1/4-turn rotation every 5 minutes more vigorously circulates blood throughout the body. You heat one side of the body, shunting blood flow there for 5 minutes, then you rotate 1/4-turn, allowing that side to relax the body now rushes to the newly exposed side.

HYPOALLERGENIC EXPERIENCE The Shower Converter is suitable for fiberglass, stone and ceramic tile walled shower enclosures as these materials are very inert, so they don’t exhibit significant outgassing issues. The Shower Converter is not suitable for plastic panel or plastic tile enclosures as these have outgassing issues.

The Luminati™ avoids all these problematic material outgassing issues by creating a sauna space that is completely enclosed with the most natural, untreated hypoallergenic enclosure materials available.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”CAN MY INSURANCE PLAN HELP PAY FOR THE SAUNA?”]

We know that if you have a note from an MD, ND, DO, or Chiropractor that says you need to use a sauna, there are some health insurance plans that will cover some or all of the cost of the product. Separately, with that Dr’s note, you can use HSA funds for the purchase. Of course, insurance plans vary widely and you’ll have to consult your insurance provider about coverages. We do know of some cases in which our customers were able to use HSA funds because they had the Dr’s note, and we do know of a couple of cases in which a private insurance plan covered some of the purchase prices.

[/accordion-item] [/accordion] [title style=”bold-center” text=”SHIPPING” margin_top=”25px” size=”124″] [accordion] [accordion-item title=”CAN SAUNASPACE® PRODUCTS BE SHIPPED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD?”]

Yes. Our full product line can be shipped by Fedex International Ground or Economy Express to: Canada, Mexico, UK, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and other countries as well.

Refer to Shipping & Processing for country-specific shipping info.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO SHIP A LUMINATI™ OR A FARADAY™?”]

Add your Product(s) to add to cart and use the Shipping Calculator Tool on the Cart Page to view available shipping carriers and rates.

The Luminati™ and the Faraday™ ship as 2 packages:

  • 26 x 26 x 14 inch box (Tungsten™ Panel, Dual-Layer Cover, Stool, Frame Fittings, Bulbs & Product Manual)
  • 62 x 6 x 6 inch tall slender box (Frame Poles + Mat).
[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”WHICH SHIPPING CARRIERS DO WE USE?”]

We ship by Fedex. We recommend shipping by ground service for domestic customers to save the most on shipping. US ground shipments usually arrive in 2-5 days, and the average shipment to Canada takes 4-8 days.

Refer to Shipping & Processing for country-specific shipping info for all available international shipping destinations and time-frames.


All in-stock products ship within the processing time currently listed in the Product’s description and on the Shipping & Processing Page. If there will be a delay, we will notify you promptly. Our shop is running all day every day to keep our product line inventoried, so items are rarely back-stocked. If you order a back-stocked item, we will notify you of expected ship date once the item is re-inventoried.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”DO YOU SHIP SIGNATURE REQUIRED?”]

By default, we do not ship signature required. However, we will ship signature required, as per customer request. Our customer service line is 844-999-5858 (Monday-Friday/ 8a.m.- 5p.m. CT/US). You can also send email to: sales@staging.saunaspace.com or activate a chat on staging.saunaspace.com.

[/accordion-item] [/accordion] [title style=”bold-center” text=”PAYMENT” margin_top=”25px” size=”124″] [accordion] [accordion-item title=”WHAT FORMS OF PAYMENT DOES SAUNASPACE® ACCEPT?”]

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Financing via PayPal Credit (0% for 6 months, no interest/fees). Paper check / money order by mail.


Yes! We use end-to-end site encryption, so no matter where you navigate to on our site, your experience is private and so is your information, especially your sensitive checkout & payment info. Your browser address field should be green, with SaunaSpace LLC (US) id and with the encrypted padlock icon in green, confirming that we use a valid Extended Validation Secure-Socket-Layer (EV SSL) Certificate for the most secure online purchasing experience available.  Click on the padlock icon in the browser address bar to confirm that SaunaSpace® owns this website and that you are at our official store https://staging.saunaspace.com.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”DO YOU HAVE ANY PAYMENT PLAN OPTIONS?”]
[/accordion-item] [/accordion] [title style=”bold-center” text=”ACCOUNT & ORDERS” margin_top=”25px” size=”124″] [accordion] [accordion-item title=”HOW CAN I VIEW AND PRINT MY ORDER RECEIPT?”]

Login to your Account.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”HOW DO I PAY FOR AN INVOICE I RECEIVED FROM SAUNASPACE®?”]

The invoice emailed to you has a ‘Pay’ link that takes you to your SaunaSpace® Account to review & pay for the order.

You can also directly Login to your Account.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”WHY DO I HAVE AN ACCOUNT?”]

In your Account you can view saved Billing and Shipping Addresses, saved Credit Card Payment Methods and print your Order Receipt.

If you have an order pending payment, Login to your Account to review & pay for it.


[/accordion] [title style=”bold-center” text=”RETURNS” margin_top=”25px” size=”124″] [accordion] [accordion-item title=”WHEN DOES THE 100 DAY TRIAL START?”]

Your 100 Day Money-back guarantee begins on your shipment’s delivery date.

Refer to our ‘100 Day Trial‘ for details.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”WILL MY SHIPPING CHARGES BE REFUNDED DURING THE 100 DAY TRIAL PERIOD?”]

New Product Returns

We think you’ll keep it. But if not, you can return it during the 100 Day Trial for a 100% refund. As long as the SaunaSpace® Product is still in “like new condition” we will refund the purchase price. If you roughed it up a bit, that’s okay. We may deduct a proportional amount from the refund to cover the cost of repair of the damaged component.

New Product return ship cost is equivalent to the actual cost to return-ship. You may return the goods on your own via an insured, trackable carrier method and we will refund the value of the items returned, as per our 100 Day Trial Policy Rules listed below. You can also follow the steps below under “3 easy steps to return your items” if you wish us to issue you pre-paid FedEx return ship labels. We will deduct the return ship cost incurred from the refund.

Equivalent to the actual cost to return-ship.

[/accordion-item] [/accordion] [/col] [/row]