In 2008 SaunaSpace founder Brian needed to make a decision: fill prescriptions for acne, insomnia, and adrenal fatigue, or take a chance with Near Infrared ( NIr) Sauna Therapy, as recommended by an alternative medicine doctor. For Brian, it was a no brainer. But there was a problem, at the time you couldn’t find an NIr sauna. So, he began his journey to change that.

“As our biochemical and bioluminescent state is degraded by toxins and stress, worsening health becomes disease. The key to our natural regeneration lay within our cells, and Natural Thermal Light kindles it.“  -Brian


 Over the following years, Brian became consumed with creating the perfect product, fueled by the healing transformation of his personal experience with NIr Sauna Therapy. At the beginning, SaunaSpace was one big DIY project, where Brian did everything from designing his logo and website to building every sauna himself.

With so much to do, Brian brought in his trusted friends Rusty as Lead Design and Tony for Chief Ops to accelerate SaunaSpace Product & Production Development. Today, Brian heads our ten-person team that operates 3,500 square feet of workshop space spread over two locations.


When dealing with electricity and heat, we must address the real concerns of chemical offgassing, non-native electric fields and magnetic fields and basic user safety so everyone gets access. 

Brian has spent countless hours researching everything from how to make naturally pre-shrunk cotton canvas from scratch, to wireform hardware manufacturing and robotic woodmilling to find smart product solutions for our community of customers. We are proud of how far we’ve come in this journey, but we will never stop working on improving SaunaSpace product solutions.

SaunaSpace Founder Brian at Design Computer

Want to know more about the Saunaspace technology from a field expert?

Invite Brian to speak to your group on the life-changing benefits of Light, Heat & Near Infrared Sauna Therapy.