• SaunaSpace® strives to ship your order as quickly as possible.
  • All shipping fees are based on specific products ordered and on shipping destination.
  • For precise shipping costs by country, state and postal code, add a product to your Cart and use the Shipping Calculator on the Cart Page.


Refer to the Product Page for a particular Product’s processing time.

If your order’s processing time extends longer than this for any reason, we will notify you.

We will send you an Order Complete email with your shipment tracking number(s) when your order ships.


To USA destinations for orders with cart value above $500, we now ship Direct-Signature-Required by default to ensure the safety of your packages.  Someone must be present at the time of delivery to sign for the packages. If no one is present to accept the packages, delivery will be attempted the next business day. Up to 3 delivery attempts will be made.

If you have you wish to ship without any signature requirement, please write “NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED” in the Order Notes field on Checkout. We will then ship No-Signature-Required. Your order’s packages will be dropped off at your location and the shipment will be recorded by the carrier as delivered, at which point the the packages are your responsibility.

All international orders are shipped Signature-Required.


  • We offer free shipping to USA and Canada for orders over $248.
  • Shipping at cost for all USA & Canada orders under $248 and for all other international destinations.
  • For precise shipping costs by country, state and postal code, add a product to your Cart and use the Shipping Calculator on the Cart Page.




Add your desired items to cart and use the Cart’s Shipping Calculator Tool to see what shipping carriers and rates apply to your shipping destination.

All shipping rates & time frames are for estimation purposes only. Depending on your shipping location, actual shipment rate & transit time may be exceed listed rates & time frames.

USPS has box dimensional limitations that prevent us from shipping some of our products via USPS. In these cases, only Fedex shipping methods will be available.

International Orders will take additional time (3-14 business days or more, depending on country) for customs clearance once the items arrive to the destination country. Please read Customs Fees and Duties for International Orders below for more information.

Shipments to United States

  • FREE FedEx Ground Shipping in USA for orders over $248
  • FedEx Ground Shipping in USA for orders under $248:
  • see map below

FedEx Ground Transit Time Map for USA

From SaunaSpace to your Door

This map shows typical transit time for FedEx Ground service to the continental USA. Ground Service does not guarantee an exact delivery day, but typically shipments arrive in the timeframes shown.

For example:

  • California = 3-4 business days
  • Texas = 2 business days
  • Florida = 3 business days
  • New York = 3 business days
Fedex Transit Estimation Map from SaunaSpace

Shipments to Canada

  • FREE FedEx Ground International Shipping to Canada for orders over $248: 3-6 business days transit
  • FedEx Ground International Shipping to Canada under $248: 3-6 business days transit
  • USPS Priority Mail International: 3-8 business days transit
  • Please read the GST and Self-Broker explanation below under Customs Fees for Shipments to Canada.

Shipments to All Other International Destinations


  • FedEx International Economy: 4-8 business days
  • USPS Priority Mail International: 6-10 business days
  • USPS Priority Express Mail International: 3-5 business days
  • USPS Global Express Guaranteed: 3-7 business days

Depending on Product ordered and particular shipping destination, USPS shipping options may not be available due to the carrier’s applicable size restrictions. In these cases, only the Fedex International Economy shipping method will be available. The Cart Shipping Calculator Tool will always display all available shipping methods based on the products added to cart, destination country & zipcode.


Be aware that you WILL be charged by your country’s Customs Office customs fee(s), import tax (duty) and also a VAT/HST/National/Local Sales Tax.

If you fail to pay these additional taxes and fees and/or you refuse delivery such that your shipment is returned to us, your order’s shipping fee will not be refunded.

SaunaSpace® does not pre-pay any international customs fees, duties or sales tax/VAT of any kind that may be assessed by your country’s customs/duty enforcement. We also do not pre-pay any broker fees associated with importation that the broker USPS or FedEx may charge. Any and all import/duty/broker fees must be paid by the receiver. SaunaSpace® cannot estimate the cost of any import or duty fees to which ordered products may be subject, and it is your responsibility as the receiver to contact your country’s customs/enforcement body to ascertain these fees.


Canadian Customs Office handles shipments to Canada differently based on the shipping carrier, so please pay attention to the following explanation.

USPS/Canada Post Brokered Shipment to Canada Sales Tax/GST/HST, Customs Fees, Duty & Broker Fee


Canada Customs ONLY assesses taxes (GST or HST) on goods valued at $20 CAD (about $18-22 USD) or more. Taxes are generally about 5-15% (depending on the provincial destination). An $8.50 ‘handling’ fee is also added when an item is taxed. When taxes are charged, Customs sticks a taxes-owing form on the box and the box is held by the Post Office as a COD. Recipient pays the tax/handling when the package is retrieved.

NOTE: Customs cannot check every box, so frequently items valued at more than $20 CAD do get through with no charge — it’s a ‘hit-or-miss’ situation. Likewise, if taxes are over-charged due to a missing customs form, you can send in to Canada Customs proof-of-payment (SaunaSpace invoice and PayPal/money order receipt, credit card bill or cancelled check), along with the customs tax form stuck to the box (make a copy first) to get a refund.


None for SaunaSpace goods made in the USA.
Duty may be assessed on NEW items made (‘originating’) outside of North America, like replacement heat lamp bulbs.


None. Brokers are used by FedEx to import and deliver items, but USPS/CanadaPost have agreements with each other to handle each other’s mail, so no brokerage fees are charged with USPS (or CanadaPost) services.

FedEx Brokered Shipment to Canada Sales Tax/GST/HST, Customs Fees, Duty & Broker Fee

If you plan to select FedEx as your shipping carrier, we highly recommend this option because you can conveniently pay for your provincial GST/HST and brokerage fee over the phone and FedEx will deliver your packages to your door without delay. 


Canada Customs assesses taxes (GST or HST) on goods valued at $20 CAD (about $18-22 USD) or more. Taxes are generally about 5-15% (depending on the provincial destination).


None for SaunaSpace goods made in the USA.
Duty may be assessed on NEW items made (‘originating’) outside of North America, like replacement bulbs.


Varies according to customs value of your order. These are also called Clearance Entry Fees (CEF) and are in addition to Sales Taxes and Duties. FedEx’s current CEF rates are below. These rates are subject to change at any time.

e.g. A 1 near infrared bulb order valued at 10 USD (~12.5 CAD) will have a 0 USD CEF. A Luminati™ Sauna order valued at 2999 USD (3739 CAD) will have a 76.03 USD (94.79 CAD) CEF.

FedEx Customs Value (CAD$) 2016 FedEx Ground CEF List Rates
$0-$20 $0
$20.01-$40 $7
$40.01-$60 $15.45
$60.01-$100 $19.30
$100.01-$150 $25.50
$150.01-$200 $29.00
$200.01-$500 $45.35
$500.01-$1,000 $50.75
$1,000.01-$1,600 $60.10
$1,600.01-$2,500 $70.00
>$2,500 $6.03 for each additional $1,000

According to Canadian law, you have the right to choose to broker the customs clearance process yourself, and then you won’t have to pay any Brokerage Fees. You will still have to pay Sales Tax/GST/HST and Customs Duty. Read below “How do I Self-Clear (Self-Broker) my FedEx Shipment?

How do I Self-Clear (Self-Broker) my FedEx Shipment?

We don’t recommend this option and most of our customers DO NOT choose this option, because improper submission of forms can lead to delays in receipt of your product This requires real effort in filling out customs forms and collecting the packages yourself from the customs warehouse.

If your goods have arrived at a Fedex facility in Canada, you can self-clear the items by collecting some documents and making a trip to your local Customs office. You must wait for the goods to arrive at the warehouse. You will need the following docs:

1. The manifest or waybill: Fedex will need to provide this to you. It contains the shipping details of your package. Without this, Customs will not know what to release. You can request the courier company provide your documents by e-mail, although you may have to pick up a hard copy at their facility.

2. The invoice: In order to collect the correct amount of tax on your purchase, Customs will need to see your invoice. They may also potentially ask for proof of payment (i.e. your receipt) to make sure you are declaring the right value.

Take these documents to the Customs office closest to the warehouse where your goods are being held. Some Customs offices have computer programs which allow you to rate your own entry. Others will require you to complete Form B15 with an agent’s assistance. You will also be asked for proof of identification. Pay the duties and taxes owed, and an agent will stamp your manifest as proof of release from their control. With the stamped copy of your manifest (aka the Customs Delivery Authority), you can return to the Fedex facility. Show them the stamped copy of the manifest and they will hand you your parcel.

Can I clear goods for someone else?

In certain cases, if provided with written authority and proof of identification, you can clear goods for an employer or a relative. You cannot, however, clear for any personal profit unless you are a licensed customs broker.

My courier said they will return my package unless I pay their brokerage fee, is this true?

No one can act as your broker without your express written authority (D1-6-1). If you are threatened with COD charges at the door, you can refuse the package and opt to self-clear. You may also hire another broker to clear your parcel at the courier’s facility, or better yet, before it arrives so you can receive it immediately.