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Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis Book

Dr. Lawrence Wilson, M.D.,’s 2014 edition of Nutritional Balancing contains 49 chapters that discuss all aspects of nutritional balancing and the clinical use of hair mineral analysis for assessment of body chemistry. The book is divided into 7 separate sections for ease of use, and has a lengthy index as well. It also includes over 500 references about hair mineral testing and nutritional balancing science.

This 2014 edition has been updated to reflect new research in hair mineral analysis and nutritional balancing science over the past ten years. Among the most important are 8 new chapters discussing mental and emotional health conditions and how they are handled in nutritional balancing science. This latest edition contains expanded sections about minerals, the theory of nutritional balancing science, and physical health conditions. About 60 cases have also been added to this edition, and the reference section has been greatly expanded as well.

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